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Joe Biden appears to read script instructions out loud in latest teleprompter gaffe (WATCH)

Joe Biden, reading off a teleprompter, appeared to incorporate script instructions in the middle of his speech, resulting in an awkward applause line. The moment came during a section of his remarks straight out of a campaign stump speech.

Four more years, pause Joe Biden appears to read script instructions out loud in latest teleprompter gaffe (WATCH) gcw
First Published Apr 25, 2024, 10:06 AM IST

US President Joe Biden suffered yet another embarrassing gaffe when he read aloud the instructions written on the teleprompter during his speech at a trade union conference in Washington on Wednesday. There was an uncomfortable applause line when Biden, reading from a teleprompter, seemed to add script instructions mid-speech.

"I see an America where we defend democracy, not diminish it. I see an America where we protect freedoms, not take them away," Biden said. He further said,"I see an economy that grows a lot in the bottom up where the wealthy pay their fair share, so we can have child care, paid leave and so much more, and still reduce the federal deficit and increase economic folks."

"Imagine what we could do next? Four more years, pause," he said before laughing.

In response to the President's mishandled cue, members of the Building Trades Unions (NABTU) in North America intervened and yelled "four more years".

The 81-year-old Biden's teleprompter mishap is only the most recent in a lengthy history of blunders made by the President. Just on Tuesday, Biden made the error of saying he and his party "cannot be trusted" when speaking at a campaign event in Florida. While criticising his predecessor and Republican rival Donald Trump's abortion stance, he flipped the tables on himself.

In a one-on-one interview with Reshad Hudson of Nexstar Media on April 18, President Biden confused the port city of Haifa, Israel, with the port city of Rafah, which is located in southern Gaza.

In another embarrassing moment in March, Biden claimed that "we have the lowest inflation rates of any country in America" in reference to the US government's efforts to combat inflation.

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