Soumyabrata Giri, a 20-year-old serial entrepreneur from Odisha, has already proved his sharp business skills, as he became the founder and owner of digital marketing agency at the age of 19. Now when Soumyabrata is just 20 years of age, he has launched his new start-up venture with the name Drippy, a business enterprise in food delivery services.

Soumybrata Giri, who hails from Bhubaneswar has launched Drippy keeping an eye on the imminent requirement of delivery of essential items at door-steps, amid the present situation of COVID-19 pandemic. He says, “current pandemic situation has pushed us to an immediate requirement of such services which help customers in avoiding exposure to crowded places. This is the necessity of individuals, society, and nation to stay healthy and prevent more spread.”

Drippy, which offers delivery of items such as vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, and other grocery items to customers’ door-step, is presently providing its services in 3 districts of Odisha, namely Bhubaneswar, Balasore, and Rairangpur. It is a digital platform similar to BigBasket and Milkbasket. The app is available with the name Drippy for android users at Playstore, other users can avail of its services through its website .

According to Soumyabrata, “we have a strong network of dealers and retailers for faster delivery. We are focusing to connect more with local best quality retailers, who also are struggling with sales due to extended lockdown or partial opening of markets. Customers are also shying away due to pandemic scare. Digital and e-com platforms are where most of the action is happening.”

He further adds, “Although presently we are working in 3 districts of Odisha, very soon our services will be available in metro cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.” Asking about competition from already famous service providers, he says, “We are a big country, with a huge population. The market is big enough to provide the opportunity to everyone who can assure the quality of services to the customers.” 


Soumyabrata, who has already provided digital marketing solutions to more than 10k happy clients through his digital marketing agency certainly knows efficient marketing strategies to establish his new start-up ventureDrippy is a favored app in the areas it is already providing services.

Soumyabrata Giri is definitely a youth icon to take inspiration from. The success of his other entrepreneurial ventures proves his mettle in the world of business.