The number of messaging apps have grown more than ever. And, it is way too difficult to manage and access each and every other app. However, WhatsApp is the one that dominates the messaging applications, but recently because of the turmoil Signal has risen to it. iMessage is for iOS. But what if, there was one platform for every messaging apps?


Pebble's founder launches Beeper to bring all your messages into one app

Meet Beeper. Pebble CEO and founder Eric Migicovsky took to Twitter account to announce that his team is working on an app that would combine messaging and picture apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Singal and Twitter, etc. It will be available on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

He tweeted, "New app alert: I've been working on Beeper for a while, and today we're launching! It's a single app to chat on iMessage, WhatsApp, and 13 other networks. Been using it as my default chat client for the last 2 years and there is NO going back. Check it out" 

Eric further mentioned that accessing iMessage in Android phone will be a tricky task; he said, "And yes, iMessage works even on Android, Windows and Linux using some trickery."

This New App Helps Bridge the 'iMessage Gap' for Android Users


The apps that will be merged are Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Android Messages (SMS), Telegram, Twitter, Slack, Hangouts, Instagram, Skype, IRC, Matrix, Discord, Signal, Beeper network.

But how will this work?
Eric revealed that he would send jailbroken iPhones with the Beeper app installed which bridges to iPhone and those who already have Mac will have to install Beeper Mac app to bridge it. Beeper app is made based on the Matrix open source project, so it helps the developers to write 'bridges' between Matrix and other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and etc.