Prashant Kishor is not the leader of any political party. However, since the Lok Sabha elections, his name has been widely used in state politics. It is due to Prashant Kishor that the Trinamool has jumped into the new trend of propaganda. There have also been several important reforms in the organization of the party due to him.

On the contrary, one leader after another, including Shuvendu Adhikari, left the party, refusing to act on Prashant Kishor’s instruction. But even in that, his authority in the TMC has not diminished to a point. On the contrary, Mamata Banerjee has given more importance to him and his organization's views in the selection of candidates.

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in an interview that Prashant Kishor wanted to join the BJP but was refused by the party.
In the interview, Amit Shah was asked, “In a recent discussion, Nitish Kumar said that he took Prashant Kishore in the team at your request. What do you say?” Amit Shah promptly replied a yes to that answer.

In the second question, the journalist asked, “Did you give the certificate to Prashant Kishore then?” In reply, Shah said, “Prashant Kishore told me his desire to join active politics. But there is no such thing as a strategist in our party, everyone here is a political activist. It is the political activists who make the strategy here. So, I told him to talk to Nitish Kumar. Then he requested e to have a word with Nitish. I told Nitish Kumar about Prashant Kishore. Nitish thought that the party would be benefitted if Prashant Kishore joins. So, he took. But Prashant Kishore could not stay in the party.”

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