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Video of zombie bug moving over grassland goes viral; Netizens are left terrified

A video of a zombie bug moving around a grassy land is going viral on social media. After the video made its way to the net, netizens have been left jaw-dropped after watching it.

Video of zombie bug moving over grassland goes viral; Netizens are left terrified-tgy
First Published Aug 26, 2022, 7:28 PM IST

Many of us may get terrified watching creepy crawlies and insects. These can sometimes take our breath away. There are also millions of videos that can leave us distressed.

Now, one such a video of a zombie bug moving around a grassy land is making rounds on social media, and we are pretty sure this video can leave kind-hearted people terrified.

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In the shocking video, we can see an insect walking on a grassland. As we look carefully, we can see that the insect's various body parts are missing making it look quite dead. The insect seen in the video is neither alive nor dead. Take a look at the horrific video.

You must be thinking about how it is possible right? Well, the insect is under the influence of Massospora, which is a psychedelic fungus. This psychedelic fungus has chemicals similar to that found in hallucinogenic mushrooms. Such deadly parasitic predators can make the insect hosts into form of zombies and make them do anything they want.

The breath-taking video was shared by a Twitter user named Massimo and has gathered around 10.5 million views and 164.5K likes from five days of being online. Netizens were eye popped to see the video and expressed their opinions in the comment section. A user said the video is terrifying and asked whether the fungus affects humans, while another expressed the video made her almost faint. Another user said whatever we watch in the movie is becoming a reality.

Another user shared another video of a zombie snail and explained in the caption that a parasitic worm named Leucochloridium has taken over the snail's motor functions and eye stalks. This parasitic worm made the snail into caterpillar mimics so that the birds could notice the snail and eat them. Once the parasitic worm is in the bird's GI tract, it reproduces and eventually transmits through faeces. Horrifying, isn't it? Take a look at the video of the zombie snail.

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