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Chai ice cream bizarre combination leaves netizens disgusted; watch video

A culinary enthusiast chose to take a step further into the fusion world and mix chai and ice cream. The bizarre food combination has gone viral on social media.

Chai ice cream bizarre combination leaves netizens disgusted; watch video - gps
First Published Nov 9, 2022, 6:29 PM IST

Street vendors are becoming increasingly popular for their unusual fusion dishes of various delicacies. There are many risks in preparing such fusion dishes because some strange food trends are praised online while others are usually ridiculed online.

One such bizarre combination of chai and ice cream has disgusted netizens recently on the Internet. However, if you are searching for weird food combinations, you are in the right place.

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Have you ever thought of having ice cream and chai simultaneously? Undoubtedly, all chai lovers might be thinking of finding the person who has come up with this weird idea of mixing the two most beloved things individually. 

However, the culinary enthusiast decided to take the fusion food to the next level and mix chai and ice cream to create a unique dessert beyond your imagination. 

The video starts with the vendor pouring tea on the ice cream-making platform. After this, he adds two small cups of milk and some cocoa syrup. Mixing the ingredients properly, the vendor adds a dash of chocolate syrup. The culinary enthusiast mix all the ingredients. Finally, he spreads it out correctly and freezes it for a couple of minutes before scraping it from the platform as an ice cream roll.  

Facebook user Mi_nashikkar posted this video on October 11, gaining over 883K views and 6.8K comments.

While many social media users were delighted by this Indo-Thai twisted dessert, a few others were offended by the idea. A user wrote, "Nowadays people do anything, and think they can sell it and make money nonsense." Another person commented, "Please harpic ice cream with lizol combo try krna next time." Watch the video.

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