Do you know how many Yugas make 1 day of Lord Brahma?

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Vedic Calculation of Yugas

Kali Yuga: 432,000 years, Dwāpar Yuga: 864,000 years, Tretā Yuga: 1,296,000 years, Satya Yuga: 1,728,000 years, Mahā Yuga: 4,320,000 years (Adding the four yugas).

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One Kalp is one day of Lord Brahma

Kalp: 4,320,000,000 years (1000 Maha Yuga = 1 day of Brahma). One thousand maha yuga make one day of Lord Brahma, called a kalp, and then there is Brahma’s night of equal duration. 

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Duration of Universe

As per Vedas, the duration of the universe equals Brahma’s lifespan, of 100 years.  Kalp is the largest unit of time in the world; it equals 4.32 billion years.

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One life circle of Universe

Brahma's day & night together span 8.64 billion Earth years, & 36,000 such cycles constitute his lifespan of 311 trillion 40 billion years to become one life cycle of the universe.

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Will Lord Brahma die?

Brahma is also under the cycle of life and death. At the end of his tenure, he is liberated and goes to the Abode of God. 

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