World Tourism Day 2023: Travel hacks to elevate your adventures

Elevate your adventures on World Tourism Day with our travel hacks! Enhance mobility, save costs, and make every trip memorable with expert tips.

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Pack Light and Roll Your Clothes

Packing light ensures more mobility and helps in avoiding expenses on extra luggage in airport check-ins. Rolling the clothes rather than folding ensures more space in the luggage.

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Digital Documents

Always have a digital copy of your documents like passport, identity card, driver’s license etc. downloaded and saved on your phone.

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Learn the Local Slang

Familiarize yourself with the basics of the local language of the place you are travelling to, avoiding misunderstanding and ensuring your safety.

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Booking Through Phone Calls

Do not book hotels directly through websites if prices seem too high. Negotiating on calls offers a shot for better deals.

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Separate Your Cash

While travelling, avoid storing your cash in a single pocket. It reduces the risk of losing all your money in case of misplacement.

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Portable Chargers

Always carry a power bank! You can get stuck in situations where power outlets are not available for days.

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Travel Off Season

Avoid expensive transportation, accommodations and crowds in popular landmarks by travelling off-peak times.

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