Vatican City to Liechtenstein: 7 smallest countries in the World

From Vatican City to Liechtenstein, these 7 tiny countries offer diverse cultures and landscapes, from spiritual centers to Alpine beauty

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Vatican City

With an area of only 0.17 sq. miles, it's the world's smallest independent state, home to the Pope, St. Peter's Basilica, and significant religious sites

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This tiny 0.78 sq. mile European microstate along the French Riviera is known for its glitz, casinos, and picturesque coastline

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A remote island nation covering just 8.1 sq. miles in the Pacific Ocean, Nauru relies heavily on phosphate mining for its economy

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Comprising 10 sq. miles of land spread across nine atolls in the Pacific, Tuvalu faces challenges from rising sea levels

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San Marino

An enclave within Italy, it covers 23.6 sq. miles, boasting medieval architecture, quaint towns, and a rich history

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Nestled in the Alps, this 62.1 sq. mile principality is known for its financial sector and stunning natural landscapes

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Marshall Islands

Covering 70.1 sq. miles in the Pacific, it's a collection of atolls and islands, with a unique culture and history

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