Japan to Australia: 10 places to travel in October

Japan to Australia are 10 must-visit destinations in October, offering diverse experiences from autumn beauty to cultural festivals

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October brings vibrant autumn foliage, making it perfect for exploring Kyoto's temples or hiking in Nikko's national parks

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The US offers diverse options, from New England's fall colors to Halloween festivities in Salem and sunny beaches in Florida

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Springtime in Australia means blooming flora, perfect for visiting Sydney, Melbourne, or exploring the Great Barrier Reef

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Mild weather, fewer crowds, and cultural events make Greece ideal for October, whether you're exploring Athens or island hopping

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Experience Italy's romantic charm in October with comfortable weather and fewer tourists, perfect for savoring authentic cuisine

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Explore Lisbon's historic neighborhoods or relax on the Algarve's beaches, enjoying pleasant temperatures and cultural festivals

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October offers pleasant weather for exploring Marrakech's medina or taking a desert excursion to experience Morocco's unique culture

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Enjoy cooler, drier weather as you explore Hanoi's old quarter, sail through Halong Bay, or relax on Phu Quoc's beaches

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Visit Spain in October for pleasant temperatures and vibrant festivals like La Mercè in Barcelona or the grape-stomping La Rioja harvest

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