Top 7 bizarre food trends and combinations of 2023

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, let's explore some of the most peculiar and unconventional wood trends and combinations that have emerged throughout the year.

Image credits: FreePik

Pani Puri with Mango

In April, a viral video showcased an odd food combo – panipuri with mango. The street vendor added diluted mango pulp to the shells, creating a unique twist.

Image credits: Image: Freepik

Pasta Biryani

In a peculiar trend in June, online users observed a street food vendor preparing an unconventional fusion of biryani and pasta.

Image credits: Instagram/ Karan Dua

Grilled Ice Cube

In a culinary low, a Chinese street vendor went viral for a peculiar trend: grilling ice cubes, in an unusual video sensation.

Image credits: FreePik

Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

A viral video showcased an unconventional treat: cottage cheese blended with fresh fruit and honey, offering a unique alternative to traditional ice cream.

Image credits: FreePik

Oreo Fried Rice

July 2023 witnessed a street vendor crafting fried rice with Oreo biscuits in a video that gained viral attention.

Image credits: Instagram/ Aagam Pakshulu

Tomato Ice Cream

In June 2023, a video went viral capturing a street vendor preparing tomato ice cream. The footage depicts the vendor receiving a tomato from a customer.

Image credits: FreePik

Noodles with vanilla ice cream and chilli sauce

March 2023 saw a viral video featuring an Indonesian street vendor cooking noodles with an unexpected twist – vanilla ice cream and chili sauce.

Image credits: FreePik
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