Poha to Upma: 7 healthy Indian breakfast options

Indian breakfasts are a feast of flavors and nutrition. Explore these seven healthy options to fuel your day.

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Flattened rice tempered with spices, peanuts, and veggies creates a light yet satisfying breakfast rich in antioxidants.

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Idli Sambar

Soft idlis served with spicy sambar offer a fiber-rich, protein-packed breakfast, aiding digestion and boosting energy levels.

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Stuffed whole wheat parathas provide complex carbs and proteins, making them perfect for long-lasting energy.

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Chana Chaat

A savory chickpea salad, chana chaat offers plant-based protein, vitamins, and a burst of delightful flavors.

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Oats Khichdi

A fusion of traditional khichdi and oats, this dish is a low-fat, high-fiber breakfast packed with vegetables.

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Dhokla, a steamed gram flour snack, is rich in protein and probiotics, aiding digestion and gut health.

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Semolina-based upma, loaded with veggies and spices, is a nutritious, fiber-packed breakfast option for sustained energy.

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