Nipah alert: Prevention tips you need to be aware of

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Avoid Raw Date Palm Sap:

Do not consume raw date palm sap, as it can be contaminated with the virus from bat droppings or saliva.

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Practice Good Hygiene:

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, especially after visiting crowded places or caring for someone with Nipah.

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Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Healthcare workers should always use PPE to minimize the risk of infection when treating Nipah patients.

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Isolate Infected Individuals:

Isolate suspected or confirmed cases promptly to prevent further transmission within the community.

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Avoid Close Contact:

 Stay away from individuals showing symptoms of Nipah and maintain a safe distance to reduce the risk of transmission.

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Community Awareness:

Promote awareness about Nipah virus in affected areas, encouraging people to report symptoms and seek medical attention promptly

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