New Year 2024: 7 must-visit places in Bulgaria

Discover Bulgaria's charm this New Year – from Sofia's vibrant cityscape to Bansko's snowy slopes. Dive into history, culture, and celebrations in this enchanting destination

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Sofia captivates with the grandeur of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the scenic Vitosha Mountain. The National Palace of Culture hosts vibrant New Year celebrations with fireworks

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Plovdiv boasts an enchanting old town with Roman remnants and charming cobblestone streets. The Roman Theater, Ancient Stadium, and Nebet Tepe Hill offer historical exploration

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Nestled in the Pirin Mountains, Bansko beckons winter sports enthusiasts. A renowned ski resort, it blends adrenaline on the slopes with a lively New Year's nightlife

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Rila Monastery

UNESCO gem in the Rila Mountains, the Rila Monastery is a spiritual haven amid breathtaking natural beauty. Explore its historic significance, intricate architecture this new year

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Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo invites exploration of the Tsarevets Fortress and Patriarchal Cathedral. The Old Town provides a scenic backdrop for New Year festivities

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Varna offers sun-kissed beaches and maritime charm. The Sea Garden, Varna Archaeological Museum, and seaside ambiance create a unique New Year's experience

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Ruse, on the Danube, showcases 19th and 20th-century architecture. Historic landmarks charm visitors, and the town center's New Year's Eve celebration adds a lively touch

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