Navratri 2023: A journey through sacred traditions & rituals

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1. Goddess Durga Worship

Devotees create a small altar or shrine in their homes where they place an image or idol of the goddess. Special prayers and offerings are made to seek her blessings.

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2. Fasting

Many people abstain from certain foods, including grains and non-vegetarian items, as a mark of respect for the goddess. Fasting is also believed to purify the body and mind.

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3. Garba and Dandiya Dance

Communities come together in the evenings to dance to traditional music. This dance is not only a form of devotion but also a celebration of life and unity.

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4. Recitation of Scriptures

Devotees often engage in the recitation of sacred texts and scriptures related to Goddess Durga and her divine manifestations. 

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5. Rangoli

These intricate designs are created with colored powders, rice, or flower petals and are considered an invitation for the goddess.

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6. Lighting Lamps

It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Homes and temples are beautifully illuminated with earthen lamps and candles.

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7. Continuous Vigil (Jagran)

Some devotees keep a continuous vigil during Navratri by staying awake throughout the night and engaging in prayer and devotional activities.

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