Makar Sankranti 2024: 6 rituals to keep in mind during this festival

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Lightning a bornfire

Makar Sankranti is a time to express gratitude for the bountiful harvest and to share one's blessings with others, particularly the less fortunate. 

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Taking a holy dip

Many Hindus believe that taking a dip in a holy river on Makar Sankranti can purify the body and soul. It is a common practice to visit rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna, and Godavari

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Offering prayers to the Sun God

The Sun God is considered a symbol of divine energy and power. Hindus offer prayers to express their gratitude to the Sun God for providing life-giving energy.

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Making and sharing sweets

Make delicious traditional sweets, including sesame and jaggery-based sweets, til ladoos, and chikki. It is believed that these foods have the power to purify the body and mind.


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Kite flying

Kite flying is a popular activity during Makar Sankranti, particularly in Gujarat. It is believed that flying kites help to release negative energy and bring in positive vibes.

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People donate food, clothes, and other essentials to those in need. Charity is believed to bring blessings and good karma during this auspicious time.

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