Love Biryani? 7 popular Biryani in India

Biryani is a beloved and diverse dish enjoyed throughout India, with each region offering its own unique variations. Here are seven popular biryanis from different parts of India.

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Hyderabadi Biryani

Rich and aromatic with marinated meat, saffron, and mint leaves.

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Lucknawi Biryani

Delicate and fragrant from Lucknow, often made with long-grain basmati rice.

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Sindhi Biryani

Spicy and flavorful, with origins in the Sindh region.

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Kolkata Biryani

Unique with potatoes as an essential ingredient. The use of potato is a distinguishing feature of this biryani.

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Ambur Biryani

Features seeraga samba rice and a special spice blend from Tamil Nadu.

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Thalassery Biryani

From Kerala, made with seeraga samba rice and local spices.

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Malabar Biryani

Kerala specialty with fragrant rice, chicken, and aromatic spices.

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