Kerala Day 2023: 10 reasons why Malayalis seek job in Gulf countries

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Economic Opportunities

The primary reason Malayalis migrate to the Gulf is the promise of better economic prospects. Gulf countries offer higher salaries and tax-free income.

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Job Availability

The Gulf region has a consistent demand for skilled and unskilled labor across various sectors, particularly in construction, healthcare, and IT.

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Gulf-based Malayalis contribute significantly to Kerala's economy through remittances. Money sent home supports families, invests in education, and boosts the state's development.

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Diverse Skillsets

Malayalis are known for their education and versatility. They are proficient in fields like engineering, healthcare, and hospitality.

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Cultural Similarities

Gulf countries share cultural and historical ties with Kerala, making it relatively easier for Malayalis to adapt to the work environment and lifestyle there.

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Gulf nations are often considered safe places to work, attracting Malayalis who seek employment abroad without concerns about personal safety.

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Career Growth

The Gulf offers opportunities for career advancement and professional development, which entices Malayalis to work there and gain valuable experience.

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Language Advantage

Many Malayalis are fluent in English, a common language of business in the Gulf, facilitating communication and job acquisition.

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Tax Benefits

The tax-free income in Gulf countries allows Malayalis to save more money, contributing to their decision to work there.

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Family Welfare

Malayalis working in the Gulf prioritize the well-being of their families, as the income they send home ensures a better quality of life for their loved ones in Kerala.

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