How South Indian weddings differ from North Indian weddings?

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In South Indian weddings, the bride typically wears a traditional silk saree, often adorned with intricate gold jewelry. In North Indian weddings, the bride often wears a lehenga.

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Marriage Timings

In contrast to North Indian marriages, which begin late at night and last until the following morning, South Indian nuptials begin early and end no later than 10 a.m.

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Food Menu at weddings

Chapati, Poori, spicy curries, exotic drinks and sweet dishes are part of North Indian weddings while South Indians prefer a traditional sadhya.

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While North Indian marriages generally have loud party songs, in South Indian marriages you may get to listen to a Carnatic-style song or simply a classical song.

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Gold Ornaments

South Indian gold ornaments for brides include the Kasu Mala, Manga Mala & Temple Jewelry set while North Indian brides prefer jewelry studded with diamonds, emeralds & pearls.

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