French to Spanish-7 foreign languages you can learn quickly

Due to vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation similarities, specific languages are easier for English speakers. Many individuals acquire these seven foreign languages quickly.

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This easy-to-learn worldwide auxiliary language was created. Its grammar and pronunciation are standard, and novices have many resources.

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Italian sounds melodic and is easy to pronounce. Its straightforward syntax is akin to Spanish and French and easy to learn.

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English speakers find Dutch one of the simplest Germanic languages to learn. Its vocabulary and sentence structure resemble English.

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Spanish and Portuguese are Romance languages. It has a comparable structure and vocabulary, making it a good choice for fast language learners.

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French has numerous cognates with English, making word identification more straightforward. French pronunciation and grammar are difficult to learn, but the foundations are easy.

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One of the simplest languages for English speakers to learn. It features straightforward pronunciation and numerous English-like terms. Grammar is easy compared to other languages.

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This North Germanic language has easy grammar and pronunciation. Its vocabulary resembles English too.

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