Diwali 2023: 7 interesting ways to celebrate without firecrackers

Celebrate Diwali without firecrackers! Amid pollution concerns, explore 7 eco-friendly ways to embrace the festival's joy and traditions.

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Decorate with Diyas

Instead of firecrackers, place diyas around your home in windows, and on balconies to create a beautiful and serene atmosphere.

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Express your creativity by creating vibrant rangoli designs at the entrance of your home. Use colorful powders, flower petals, or even eco-friendly materials like rice flour.

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Eco Friendly Gifts

Consider gifting things like house plants or home decorations made with sustainable materails like bamboo, jute or upcycled glass.

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Have a Feast

Diwali is a time for indulgence in delicious food. Instead of spending money on fireworks, invest in high-quality ingredients and prepare a sumptuous feast for your loved ones.

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Perform Charity

Spread Diwali joy beyond your family; extend it to the community. Contribute joyfully by providing meals to the underprivileged through charitable donations.

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Family Bonding Activities

Use Diwali as an opportunity to strengthen family bonds through activities that do not involve firecrackers. Play traditional games or engage in storytelling sessions.

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Conscious Consumption

Opt for eco-friendly and sustainable Diwali decorations. Choose items made from recycled materials, or better yet, create your own decorations using reusable materials.

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