Diwali 2023: 7 step guide to hosting a memorable party

If you're planning to host a Diwali party that will be remembered for years to come, follow this simple 7-step guide to ensure a seamless and delightful experience for your guests.

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Sweet Invitation

Choose vibrant Diwali-themed invitations, blending traditional elements like diyas and rangoli. Whether digital or physical, include key details like date, time, venue, and theme.

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Decorate with Radiance

Place colorful rangoli at the entrance, and add traditional Diwali décor like lanterns and diyas. Consider incorporating flowers and vibrant fabrics to enhance the atmosphere.

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Diwali Feast

Craft a diverse Diwali feast with traditional delights like samosas, pakoras, and sweets. For dinner, showcase rich Indian flavors with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

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Entertain with Elegance

Elevate the festive vibe with traditional Indian music and a live band. Keep the energy alive with a dance floor, card games, henna art, and a Diwali-themed trivia quiz.

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Light Up the Night Sky

A Diwali celebration is incomplete without display of firecrackers. If you want to organise a firework show, you must check the local regulations and opt for eco-friendly options.

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Dress to Impress

Inspire guests to don traditional Indian attire - sarees, lehengas, kurta-pajamas, or sherwanis - amplifying the Diwali experience with a dress code.

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Good Wishes

As your guests bid farewell, express your gratitude for their presence by offering small Diwali-themed giveaways or gift bags. 

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