Diwali 2023: 7 hacks and tips for crafting stunning rangoli designs

To help you elevate your rangoli game this Diwali, we've compiled seven hacks that will add flair and creativity to your designs.

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Use Flower Petals

To make rangoli with colours is a tricky thing which requires patience more than creativity. One wrong move and you would create a mess! Avoid that by using flower petals.

Image credits: Pexels

Use Spoons

The back of the spoon can be used to make beautiful leaf like shape. Begin by forming a circular base with Rangoli color, then position the spoon on top and smoothly drag the color

Image credits: pinterest

Use Earbuds

Design with earbuds! Apply a small rangoli color, position the earbud in the center, and drag for a textured 3D style, breaking away from flat designs.

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Flawless Circles

Achieve flawless circles of varied sizes using everyday items like plates, bangles, tape rolls, and saucers. Position the chosen item, encircle it with colors.

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Bottles with Nooze

Use vacant plastic bottles with an extended nooze like fevicol bottles. They will allow for only a desired amount of colour at a time, helping you to make intricate designs.

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Invest in precision tools and stencils to achieve intricate details with ease. Stencils can be particularly helpful for creating symmetrical patterns.

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Layering for Dimension

Create depth and dimension in your rangoli by incorporating layers. Experiment with overlapping patterns and varying heights to make your design visually dynamic and captivating.

Image credits: FreePik
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