7 common cancer symptoms and how to spot them

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Unexplained weight loss:

Sudden and unexplained weight loss, especially without changes in diet or exercise, can be a sign of various cancers.

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Persistent fatigue that doesn't improve with rest might be an early symptom of different cancers.

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Changes in the skin:

Changes in the skin, such as darkening, yellowing, or redness, may indicate skin cancer or other types of cancer.

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Persistent cough or hoarseness:

A persistent cough or changes in the voice that last for an extended period could be signs of lung or throat cancers.

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Unexplained pain:

Persistent pain that is not related to an injury or identifiable cause may be a symptom of various types of cancer.

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Changes in bowel or bladder habits:

Changes in bowel movements (such as blood in stool) or frequent urination can be indicative of colorectal or prostate cancers, respectively.

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Lumps or changes in breast tissue:

For both men and women, changes in breast tissue, lumps, or nipple abnormalities could be early signs of breast cancer.

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