5 creative ways to decorate your home with flowers

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1. Rangoli with Petals:

Create a stunning floral rangoli using vibrant flower petals. Arrange them in intricate patterns at your doorstep or in the foyer to welcome guests with a burst of color.

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2. Marigold Garlands:

Adorn your entryways, door frames, and windows with marigold garlands. Their warm hues symbolize prosperity and add a traditional touch to your Diwali décor.

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3. Floating Flower Candles:

Place floating candles amidst flower petals in bowls of water. This simple yet elegant arrangement can be scattered around your living space.

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4. Flower Torans:

Craft door torans using fresh flowers like jasmine or orchids. Hang them on doors or windows to infuse your home with the sweet fragrance of flowers.

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5. Floral Centerpieces:

Enhance your dining experience by placing floral centerpieces on your table. Use a mix of seasonal flowers in vibrant hues to create a festive and inviting atmosphere.

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