7 auspicious picks beyond gold to consider

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1. Silver Items:

Silver is a popular alternative to gold and is also considered auspicious. Invest in silver coins, utensils, or idols of deities to bring prosperity and purity to your home.

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2. Home Appliances:

Upgrade your home with essential appliances like a mixer grinder, refrigerator, or washing machine.

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3. Spiritual Artifacts:

Decorate your home with spiritual artifacts like yantras, rudraksha beads, or conch shells. These items are believed to create a positive aura and promote spiritual well-being.

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4. Gemstones:

Each gemstone has its unique properties, and you can choose one that resonates with your astrological sign or personal preferences.

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5. Brass and Copper Idols:

Bring home idols or figurines of deities made of brass or copper. It is associated with positive vibrations and are believed to enhance spiritual energy in your living space.

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6. Sweets and Dry Fruits:

Share the joy of Dhanteras by gifting or buying sweets and dry fruits. Offering these delicious treats to family and friends symbolizes sweetness and abundance.

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7. Plants

Bring home greenery by purchasing auspicious plants like money plants, bamboo, or holy basil. These plants are believed to attract positive energy and prosperity into your home.

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