Chandipur to Bhitarkanika: 7 best kept secrets of Odisha

Odisha, India: A cultural kaleidoscope and a haven of hidden gems. Explore its secrets, from Chandipur Beach to Taptapani Hot Springs, in a journey of discovery

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Chandipur Beach

Known for its unique phenomenon of the receding sea, Chandipur Beach is not as crowded as some other beaches in India. During low tide, the sea water recedes up to 5 kilometers

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Satkosia Gorge

Located in the Mahanadi River, Satkosia Gorge is a stunning natural beauty spot. The gorge is part of the Satkosia Tiger Reserve and offers opportunities for wildlife spotting

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Taptapani Hot Springs

Taptapani, nestled in the Eastern Ghats, is famous for its hot springs with medicinal properties. The hot water contains sulfur and is believed to have therapeutic benefits

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Daringbadi - The Kashmir of Odisha

Daringbadi, often referred to as the 'Kashmir of Odisha,' is a hill station surrounded by pine forests. It is known for its cool climate, coffee plantations

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Simlipal National Park and Tiger Reserve

It is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, featuring diverse flora and fauna, waterfalls, and tribal villages

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Gopalpur-on-Sea is a serene beach town with a laid-back atmosphere. It was once a bustling port, and remnants of old structures add to its charm

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Bhitarkanika National Park and Mangroves

Bhitarkanika, famous for its mangrove forests, is a haven for biodiversity. It is home to saltwater crocodiles, various species of birds, and lush greenery

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