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8 ways to choose a perfect mango

Do you love mangoes but are unsure of how to select the best one? Here is an excellent help for you. We'll go through the Do's and Don'ts of mango selection.

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Mango Smell

A ripe mango will most likely smell delicious. Sometimes, the stems will have a fruity scent. Check at the stem end, where the smell should be more potent. 

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Gently squeeze the mango. A ripe mango will squeeze easily as it softens.

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Mangos, like peaches, soften as they mature. It is nearly ripe as it begins to soften from firm to soft.

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We all know that mature fruit is somewhat heavier than unripe fruit. As a result, if you notice that the mango is heavier, this is a sign that it is ripe.

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Avoid overly firm mangoes since they will take a long time to ripen.

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If you see any black dots on the skin of a mango, it means the fruit has already matured. Mango's wrinkled look signals that the fruit was plucked too early and may not be tasty.

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Choose mangoes that have a sour or alcoholic aroma. 

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Allow the mangoes to cool at room temperature until their flesh is soft.

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