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Ram mandir: PM Modi's offering to Ram Lalla explained

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1. PM Modi's arrival at Ram Mandir:

PM Modi's presence at the Pran Pratistha program in Ayodhya. Notable accessories carried by PM Modi: a special silver plate and a silver umbrella.

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2. Religious significance of the silver umbrella in Hindu rituals:

Overview of the religious importance of silver umbrellas in Hindu traditions. Presentation of silver umbrellas to deities as a form of adornment and glorification.

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3. Silver canopy in ancient times:

Exploration of the historical use of silver canopies over lion thrones of kings and emperors. Lord Ram's association with the throne and the symbolic gesture of a silver umbrella.

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4. Significance of the silver umbrella:

Religious belief associating the silver umbrella with power and its use in giving the title of Kshatrapati to kings.

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5. Silver umbrella as an indicator of divine aura:

Connection to Hindu deities, especially Lord Vishnu, depicted with a silver umbrella over their heads.

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6. Divine imagery in Hinduism: Snakes and elephants:

Examining the representation of snakes as an umbrella in Lord Vishnu's imagery. Depiction of elephants raining water over the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and its symbolic significance.

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7. Silver umbrella in Lord Ram's temples:

The recurring presence of a silver umbrella over Lord Rama's idol in temples. The silver umbrella as a representation of Lord Rama's divine glory and aura.

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