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Check out PM Modi's routine ahead of ceremony

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PM Modi is following strict rules

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is strictly following a set of rules ahead of participation in the consecration ceremony of the Ayodhya Ram temple.

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What does his day look like?

Reports suggest PM Modi is strictly following Yama rules for rituals. The 11-day code includes sleeping on the ground and detoxifying the body.

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What is he eating and drinking?

Prime Minister is sleeping on the floor with only a blanket and has been drinking only coconut water, according to reports.

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What are Yama rituals?

'Yama Niyam' spells out several measures, including yoga, meditation and discipline in various aspects, for its practitioners. PM Modi already follows many of these disciplines.

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When did he start the rituals?

He announced the start of the ritual on January 12 and said he was fortunate to witness the "historic" and "auspicious" occasion of the Pran Pratishtha.

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How many people are attending the ceremony?

According to the temple trust, over 7,000 people, including politicians, celebrities, industrialists, saints will attend the ceremony.

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