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Ram mandir: How AI will help identify rule-breakers at Ayodhya event

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1. Heightened security measures:

Security levels have been elevated in anticipation of the grand opening ceremony of the Ram Temple on January 22. This comes following inputs from MHA regarding a security breach.

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2. Massive police deployment:

Approximately 12,000 Uttar Pradesh police personnel have been deployed in and around Ayodhya in response to the heightened security threats.

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3. AI integration for threat monitoring:

In response to fresh threats, Uttar Pradesh police have incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor and counter potential security risks.

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4. Integrated control rooms and real-time monitoring:

Integrated control rooms have been established to facilitate real-time monitoring of potential threats by various security agencies.

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5. AI surveillance system implementation:

Approximately 10,000 CCTV cameras have been installed, with 400 in the shrine's vicinity using AI for facial recognition in the designated yellow zone.

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6. Utilizing criminal database for AI identification:

The AI-based CCTV surveillance system will aid in detecting frequent visitors or identifying common trends among individuals visiting the temple premises.

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