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Prajwal Revanna case: What SIT will do upon MP's return

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SIT to detain Prajwal Revanna upon his arrival Bengaluru Airport

Upon Prajwal's arrival at BLR Airport, SIT will detain him. This step is part of the ongoing investigation into the sex scandal case involving Prajwal Revanna.

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Implementation of Look out Notice (LOC)

A Look Out Circular (LoC) is issued to prevent individuals from leaving the country. It alerts authorities when the person arrives or departs, ensuring they are arrested.

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FRRO Chetan Singh Rathore to oversee immigration

Immigration procedures will be headed by FRRO Chetan Singh Rathore, an IPS officer of Karnataka. He is currently responsible for overseeing Prajwal's arrival and detention.

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Prajwal Revanna to be taken into custody upon arrival

Chetan Singh Rathore has been informed about Prajwal's confirmed arrival. As soon as Prajwal lands, the immigration team will be ready to take him into custody.

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Detention during immigration check

Prajwal will be detained during the immigration check. Officials will verify his passport and then check his luggage. LoC will trigger a notification when his passport is swiped.

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Procedure after serving LoC

Once the LoC is served, immigration officials will detain Prajwal. They will make copies of his passport and visa, and complete the necessary paperwork to hand him over to the SIT.

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NBW served along with LoC

The Non-Bailable Warrant (NBW) was issued in conjunction with the LoC. Immigration officers are briefed on which authorities to inform upon Prajwal's detention.

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Co-ordination among authorities

The immigration authorities provided initial information to SIT that Prajwal had taken off. Upon his landing, official information will be communicated to the relevant officers.

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Immigration act compliance

Under the Immigration Act, the SIT obtained passenger information. Since Prajwal is an Indian national, they will receive copies of his passport for further inspection.

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Handover to SIT and notification to be sent to SIB

After Prajwal's detention, Karnataka's FRRO will inform the Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau (SIB) officer in Delhi. Prajwal will then be handed over to the SIT at the airport.

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