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Pen drive leak to arrest: Everything about Prajwal Revanna sex scandal

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Prajwal Revanna sex scandal case: An overview

Discover the timeline of the shocking case involving Prajwal Revanna, from the pen drive distribution to his recent arrest. 

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April 21: Pen drive containing obscene videos leaked in Hassan

On April 21, a pen drive containing explicit videos was leaked in Hassan, igniting a major controversy.

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April 22: Videos trend on Social Media

By April 22, selected videos from the pen drive were trending on mobile phones, and Whatsapp, spreading rapidly.

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April 23: Widespread video sharing

On April 23, the explicit videos continued to circulate widely, prompting significant public attention.

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April 23: Police complaint filed for leaking videos

A formal complaint was lodged at the CEN police station in Hassan against Naveen Gowda and others for video sharing.

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April 26: Lok Sabha elections phase 1

Accused MP Prajwal Revanna, amidst the scandal, appeared on camera while voting during the Lok Sabha elections on April 26.

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April 26: Family emergency

Later that evening, the accused Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna travelled to K.R. Nagar following the death of a close relative.

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April 27: Prajwal Revanna's pre-planned trip to Germany

On the morning of April 27, Prajwal Revanna left Bengaluru for Germany, escalating the controversy.

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April 27: SIT fprmed to investigate the sex scandal

The same evening, CM Siddaramaiah ordered the formation of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the obscene video case.

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April 28: First case filed against Prajwal and HD Revanna

On April 28, the first case against Prajwal Revanna and his father HD Revanna was registered in Holenarasipura.

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SIT took over the case on April 28

The Holenarasipura case was handed over to the SIT for further investigation on April 28

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Legal proceedings on April 29 & 30

On April 29, the victim's statements were recorded in court. The SIT issued a notice to Prajwal on April 30 to appear within 24 hours.

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May 1 & 2: Prajwal Revanna's request and Look out notice

Accused MP Prajwal requested a week on May 1, but the SIT instructed an immediate appearance. A look-out notice was issued on May 2.

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May 4 to 7: Blue corner notice issued along with other charges

On May 4, a Blue Corner notice was issued against MP Prajwal Revanna. By May 7, another rape case was registered against the accused MP.

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May 18 to 31: Arrest and Investigation

Prajwal Revanna’s arrest warrant was issued on May 18. On May 31, he was arrested at Bengaluru Airport and is currently being interrogated by SIT.

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