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Ayodhya: What is Ram Yantra on which Ram Lalla idol is installed?

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Ram Lalla's idol installed on Ram Yantra

Before Pran Pratishtha on January 22, 2024, the Ram Lalla idol was installed above the Ram Yantra in the Ram temple's sanctum sanctorum. What is Ram Yantra?

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What is a Yantra?

Yantras hold importance in astrology. These yantras are made and worshipped to accomplish a particular task or to please the deity. Ram Yantra is also one among them.

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How does Ram Yantra look?

Ram Yantra is square with the shape of 8 lotus petals. Some special mantras are written on these petals. Special mantras are also inscribed around the yantra.

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6 triangles at the centre

There are 6 triangles in the 8 petals of the Ram Yantra, in which some special words are written. Ra Ramaya Namaha is written at the center.

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How is Ram Yantra made?

Ram Yantra is made on Bhoj Patra. Pomegranate sticks and saffron are mainly used to make Ram Yantra. 

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Where can we get the Yantra?

Ram Yantras made of different metals are easily available in the shops selling puja materials. Before their installation, they are purified and special worship is done.

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What are the benefits of Ram Yantra?

By installing Ram Yantra, there is no effect of higher obstruction. There would be happiness, peace, prosperity and every kind of obstacle is removed in the family.

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