How to locate your AirPods in seconds with your iPhone?

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Chirpy sound helps

With your iPhone, you have the capability to play a chirpy sound through your AirPods, making it a breeze to locate them.

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Step 1

On your iPhone, head to the Find My app. Next, at the bottom, look for ‘Devices.’

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Step 2

Here, you will find the list of all the devices you have linked to your Apple ID. In this list, your AirPods should be there too. Once you spot them, tap on them

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Step 3

This is where you will find ‘Play Sound’ option and locate them using their signal. Once you tap on Play Sound, your AirPods will start making a chirping sound wherever they are.

Image credits: Apple website

Step 4

Now all you have to do is pay attention to where the sound is coming from and locate them.

Image credits: Apple website

You can use any Apple gadget

You can perform the same action on a Mac, an Apple Watch, and even on, but using your iPhone is the most convenient of all these options.

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