Thalapathy Vijay to begin political career? To launch own party soon?

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Vijay's political clunch

Tamil actor Thalapathy Vijay has reportedly started the process of forming his political party in Tamil Nadu.

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Party's president?

According to sources, Vijay has been elected as the party's president and he is registering the party with the Election Commission of India.

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General council meet?

It is believed that over 200 members of the party's general council met before registration.

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Political party structure

The party's General Secretary and Treasurer have reportedly been appointed, along with a Central Executive Committee. 

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General council approves Vijay?

The general council has reportly given Vijay the authority to choose the party's name and register it, as well as to enter electoral politics.

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Poll debut in 2026?

As per reports, Vijay plans to enter politics before the Tamil Nadu elections in 2026. 

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Welfare activities

He recently organized a constituency-specific initiative to honour and congratulate those who topped high school. 

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