Tejas: 5 reasons to skip this Kangana Ranaut starrer

Kangana Ranaut starrer Tejas released today and as the first reviews pour in, we bring to you 5 reasons why this movie might not be a great watch

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Main Star Dominance

It's a Kangana Ranaut show, anyone else can hardly shine. Her character hardly has a graph or anything. It ends where it started

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Exaggerated Storytelling

The film takes the plot to more ludicrous and exaggerated levels, such as an attack on the Ram Janmabhoomi, which could make the storyline feel far-fetched and unrealistic

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It's unpardonable in 2023 to have bad VFX in a movie based on war-planes and fighter jets. It simply looks very childish and not at all convincing

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Clichéd Plot Elements

The movie features a snatch-and-grab operation similar to the one in the film Uri, includes references to 'ghar mein ghus ke maarna' which may come across as clichéd

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Stereotypical Elements

Stereotypical elements such as a mastermind villain from Pakistan, who is pure evil has the name 'Sar Qalam'- yes, it's that literal!

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