Renjusha Menon: 6 best movies of late Malayalam actress you must watch

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A popular Malayalam film capturing the nostalgia and reunion of college friends, with secrets from the past coming to light.

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Bombay March 12:

A gripping Malayalam movie that delves into the lives of people who were in Bombay during the 1993 bombings.

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Marrykondoru Kunjadu:

A lighthearted Malayalam comedy film showcasing the humorous escapades of a small-town man trying to marry his beloved.

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One Way Ticket:

An intriguing Malayalam thriller that unfolds as a man with a mysterious past boards a one-way bus journey.

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Lisammayude Veedu:

A Malayalam film depicting the struggles and resilience of a woman named Lisamma in her home.

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A Malayalam drama film exploring family dynamics and relationships with a mix of emotions and compelling storytelling.

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