Kanchipuram saree QUEEN: Check out Rekha's Kanjivaram saree collection

Rekha's Kanchipuram saree collection is renowned for its elegance and timeless beauty. She has been seen wearing various Kanjivaram silk sarees, each more exquisite than the last.

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Green Kanjivaram

She has also donned gorgeous green Kanjivaram sarees with intricate golden motifs and borders. The combination of green and gold is both regal and elegant.

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Contrast Border Kanjivaram

Some of her sarees feature striking contrast borders, such as deep maroon sarees with gold or green borders. These sarees are visually stunning and make a statement

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Pink Kanjivaram

Rekha's collection includes beautiful pink Kanjivaram sarees with intricate patterns and traditional designs. Pink complements her complexion.

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Traditional Temple Border Sarees

Rekha has been spotted wearing Kanjivaram sarees with intricate temple-inspired borders. These sarees often have traditional motifs like peacocks, flowers, and deities.

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Sarees with Heavy Zari Work

Rekha's collection also includes Kanjivaram sarees with heavy zari (gold or silver thread) work. These sarees are opulent and fit for special occasions.

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Red and Gold Kanjivaram

Rekha is often seen in vibrant red and gold Kanjivaram sarees. These classic color combinations exude traditional charm and opulence.

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Royal Blue Kanjivaram

She has gracefully worn royal blue Kanjivaram sarees, which exude a sense of regal grandeur. These sarees are often embellished with golden zari work.

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