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Man forced to drag his ailing wife on stretcher at Karnataka’s Kalaburagi govt hospital

The weak health system in the country is now and then exposed, still no government takes note of it. Now, an elderly man is seen dragging his ailing wife on a stretcher at Kalaburagi government hospital raising concerns about Karnataka' health system.

Not long ago, a man was found carrying his dead wife on his shoulder at Kalahandi in Odisha after the hospital refused to provide an ambulance for transport. There were also reports of relatives dragging a patient through bedsheet as no stretcher was available in the hospital, children we’re carrying their mother on a bullock cart, dead body being taken by people on a cycle. All of these expose the pathetic condition of the health administration. Now, an elderly man is seen dragging his ailing wife on a stretcher, and this has left a blot on Karnataka's health administration.

At Kalaburgi District Hospital and Institute of Medical Science (GIMS), Jampanna, a poor labourer from Chincholi village had admitted his wife Nagamma. When the staff refused to move the patient, Jampanna was forced to drag the stretcher all by himself.

He had to move the patient from the X-ray department to the out-patient department. As the staff refused to help, Jampanna had to do it all by himself.

The incident has raised questions on the current health administration with fingers being pointed at health minister B Sriramulu in particular.