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Asianet News Dialogues with Arun Yogiraj: 'I put pressure on Ram Lalla for darshan; dedicated myself to God'

Arun Yogiraj, the Mysuru-based sculptor of Lord Ram idol at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, speaks exclusively to Asianet News Network Executive Chairman Rajesh Kalra in a special edition of Asianet News Dialogues

Arun Yogiraj, the Mysuru-based sculptor of the Ram Lalla idol which was recently installed at the newly built Ram Temple in Ayodhya, is today a household name. Humble despite the Herculean effort he undertook and accomplished, Yogiraj considers himself fortunate that he got the opportunity to carve Lord Ram's idol. 

The gifted artist spoke exclusively to Asianet News Network Executive Chairman Rajesh Kalra in a special edition of Asianet News Dialogues.

Reflecting on his family's legacy spanning 250 years in the field of sculpture, Arun feels blessed to be among the three individuals chosen to craft the idol of Ramlala. He regards his selection as a culmination of his family's longstanding desire to work on a project dedicated to Lord Ram, a dream cherished by his father and grandfather for over five centuries. Arun considers himself incredibly fortunate to have the chance to fulfil this sacred task, viewing it as a divine blessing bestowed upon his family.

During the course of the interview, Yogiraj shares his journey and dedication to the intricate artistry involved in creating the sacred representation. Initially faced with uncertainty, he decided to leverage his expertise in sculpting by incorporating a supportive arch at the back of the statue, enhancing its durability.

Expressing his commitment to the task, Yogiraj explains that, having mastered the intricacies of crafting architectural elements, he faced the challenge of sculpting Ramlala, a representation of a 5-year-old boy. Describing the meticulous process as "Uttam Panchtada," he aimed to imbue the statue with both geometric precision and a profound expression of love and skill.

His dedication extended beyond mere craftsmanship; he immersed himself in a deep connection with Ramlala. Focused on infusing life into the statue, the sculptor engaged in continuous dialogue with the stone he was sculpting, drawing inspiration from a practice he learned from his father. Emphasizing the significance of spending time with stones, Arun's devotion to his work and belief in divine guidance played a pivotal role in the meticulous creation of the idol.

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