Agra: Amid nationwide lockdown, a heart-wrenching incident from Agra has come to light. This has revealed one of the uglier sides of the pandemic and the pandemonium the lockdown has unleashed upon the poor. A video of this incident is going viral on social media. 

The termination of many services have ended many livelihoods. A video from Agra's Ram Bagh Chauraha, just 6 km away from the Taj Mahal, shows a man trying to scoop spilt milk into an earthen pot while a bunch of dogs lick the same milk from the street. The milk had spilt from a milk tank, which was passing through the street.
The incident was shared on Twitter by a journalist who said, "Lockdown Impact: Humans and animals started drinking milk together. Today, the milk tank of a milkman fell on the Rambagh intersection in Agra. See what happened then."

The video, which was originally shared by a journalist, has now gone viral on social media. And people have been overwhelmed with emotional after watching this.

With economic activities at a standstill, migrant daily wage workers and the marginalised sections have been the worst-hit as India began a total lockdown to counter coronavirus on March 24.