Today is Armed Forces Flag Day. Every year since 1949, December 7 is observed to honour the men and women in uniform who valiantly fight on our borders to safeguard the country's honour.

On the occasion, MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar extended his greetings to all Armed Forces personnel serving and veterans, and their families.


He also urged citizens to contribute towards the welfare of the forces through the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund and show commitment to the men and women in uniform.


First set up in 1949, the Defence Minister's Committee on August 28, 1949 decided that December 7, would be observed as Flag Day each year thereon and donations would be collected by distributing token and car flags in return. 

The Armed Forces Flag Day has now become an honoured annual feature of our national life.

While this is the most noble cause for which collections and donations are sought, unlike many other countries, we still do not have a day reserved to remember and honour the armed forces bravehearts, veterans and serving personnel. 

Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that he firmly believes that India must have a dedicated day to enable citizens to express their gratitude and appreciation and honour all armed forces personnel.

Since 2011, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has written repeatedly to successive defence ministers urging them to rename the Armed Forces Flag Day as National Day of Remembrance/Sainik Smriti Diwas or ParamVir Diwas.

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His firm belief is that observing remembrance and honouring the soldiers, not only those who have served and sacrificed, but also those who continue to serve, collectively as a Nation is indeed what the day also needs to mark and renaming it will not take away from the donation activities, but rather supplement the same.

Rajeev. who is a known defence enthusiast,  was also seen extending his wishes to sea warriors, veterans and their families on the Indian Navy Day on December 4.



Rajeev was seen displaying the flag on Armed Forces Flag Day as a mark of respect and paying tribute to the men and women in uniform and their families who serve us and sacrifice for the Nation.