Hooghly: Launching a frontal attack on the Mamata Banerjee government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asserted that poll-bound West Bengal has made up its mind for 'poriborton' (change).

While addressing a public meeting in Hooghly, the Prime Minister said, "Today, Bengal is taking a big step to prove its resolve for fast development. Last time I came here to give you the gift of gas connectivity and infrastructure projects. Today, important works to strengthen rail and metro connectivity are going to be inaugurated," PM Modi said.

"Modern highways, railways, airways, infrastructure of many countries helped those nations to become modern, where it became a major cause for positive change. Our country should have done the same thing decades ago. But it did not happen," he added.

Lambasting the TMC government, he alleged that the Mamata Banerjee government has perpetuated "syndicate raj" in all spheres of life in West Bengal where no work gets done without common people having to pay "cut money". He accused the TMC government of pursuing "appeasement politics" to protect its vote bank while neglecting its cultural heritage and icons.

"The state government's cut money culture has vitiated the atmosphere to such an extent that you cannot even take a house on rent without paying it....you cannot rent a house without the syndicate's permission," he said.

He also accused the TMC government of neglecting industrial development, including the state's once thriving jute industry.

"The people of West Bengal have made up their mind to usher in 'asol poribartan' (real change). The BJP will give Bengal a government that will ensure development of all but appeasement of none," he asserted.

(With inputs from agencies)