A law student on Tuesday wrote a letter to Chief Justice of India (CJI) SA Bobde urging him to take suo motu cognisance of the violence that took place at the Red Fort during the farmers’ protest in the national capital on Republic Day.

The letter, written by Mumbai University student Ashish Rai, claimed that the tractor march event "has been terrorised by some anti-social elements".

Hundreds of farmers climbed the ramparts of Red Fort and hoisted religious flags (the Nishan Sahib of Sikhs), vandalised almost anything they could lay their hands on, fought a pitched battle with the police, throwing some of them into trenches, and tried to ram tractors into others.

Requesting a Special Investigation Committee inquiry, Ashish Rai’s letter read:

“The way the flag of another community has been waved in place of the national flag of India, hurting the honour and dignity of the country, is a shameful event. And the whole country is also hurt by this incident, as the national flag has been insulted.”

Rai stated that the incident has hurt the “country’s devotional spirit” and an inquiry is essential to determine how anti-social elements managed to enter the tractor rally.

"It is a shameful event and the whole country is also hurt by this incident. Because of this incident, the national flag has also been insulted, along with the Constitution of the country," the letter said, adding that "such kind of activities damage the constitutional sentiments of Indian citizen".

It requested that "a Special Investigation Committee be formed on this entire matter to conduct a rigorous inquiry against the anti-social elements involved in this unconstitutional activity and to punish the accused".

It will be open for the Court to take note of the letter and convert it into a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) or take suo motu cognisance of the incident.

(With inputs from agency)