You perceive us as thieves, then what are you? asks Kodandaram of KCR

First Published 11, Sep 2017, 4:26 PM IST
You perceive us as thieves then what are you asks Kodandaram of KCR
  • JAC chairman Prof Kodandaram continues his Sphoorti Yatra in Adilabad
  • He targetted the Telangana CM for not working up to the mark

Telangana JAC (Joint Action Committee) chairman Prof. A Kodandaram Reddy on his Amarula Sphoorti Yatra in Adilabad district spoke in an open meeting at Bodh and once again vented out his anger at Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for his unorganised governance.

Speaking on the occasion he said, “Why would I talk if you had worked properly? We all struggled for this Telangana State and it is our responsibility to develop the State. We have given you power with our votes and we have the right to fight with you for our problems.  Since you are not working, we had to go into the people.

“You perceive us as thieves, then what are you? People should declare that if you are number one or not. If you provide facilities for us, then you are number one. If you gave jobs to our children then you would be considered as number one. If you had brought a cold storage for our vegetables, then we’d rate you as number one.

“Andhra contractors have looted us till now. Even after Telangana came into existence what’s the point if they still loot us? This is not your money but the peoples.

“Televisions and newspapers are theirs and both their budget is Rs 500 crore. Only if you and us work together can we achieve for the benefit of the people.”

Prof. Kodandaram also touched upon many issues against the Telangana government in his Amarula Sphoorti Yatra.