The Utnoor town in Adilabad district faced a numbing situation as mobs from two different communities clashed with each other over a social media post. The incident happened over the weekend as some provocative messages were circulated on social media. Close to 500 policemen were brought in from various districts in the state to keep a close watch on the situation. However, the outnumbered 500 strong watched in helpless stupor as the mobs looted shops on the roads and spread hate. 

The attack was allegedly carried out by workers of Hindu Vahini, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal and the properties of the minorities were targetted. Meanwhile, Adilabad district superintendent of police M Srinivas said to news channels that the police have booked five cases following the incidents of attacks on properties and  stone pelting on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Four policemen were injured in the mob attack, which also included SP Srinivas and the deputy superintendent of police Lakshminaryana. According to the police, the trouble started when someone posted a hate video against the other community. This was reciprocated by a person from the minor community posting an audio message. Identified as Abdul Hakeem, the poster of the second clip drew the ire of the local VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders who demanded that action be taken against him. The trouble continued the next day also when people gathered outside the police station and demanded punishment for Hakeem. 

Fresh outbursts of violence forced the police to impose prohibitory orders under section 144 and search was conducted for the culprit who started the social media exchange. DIG Ravi Kumar said, "We are trying to restore the communal peace and amity by talking to the elders of both the communities."