Kancha Ilaiah holds Amit Shah responsible for the Arya-Vysya fiasco

First Published 9, Oct 2017, 3:44 PM IST
Kancha Ilaiah holds Amit Shah responsible for the Arya Vysya fiasco
  • Prof Kancha Ilaiah’s book ‘Samajika Smaglarlu Komatollu’ is still creating controversy with its many twists
  • The latest controversy being that Ilaiah’s house was attacked and he was ordered to come to an open discussion with the Arya-Vysya community
  • Ilaiah agreed to this only if BJP National leader Amit Shah would be present in the discussion

Noted writer and political thinker Kancha Ilaiah’s book controversy has taken many twists and turns and now the author’s home in Tarnaka was surrounded by members of the Arya-Vysya community who gathered to ‘hold a debate with him’ on his controversial book ‘Samajika Smaglarlu Komatollu’ (Social Smugglers: Arya-Vysya community). Police were deployed to his residence and they arrested few people from the community.

Ilaiah held a press conference and alleged that Arya-Vysya community under the leadership of Srinivas Gupta tried to besiege his home and were bad-mouthing him in media debates.

Ilaiah explained about the book and said it was not a book but a chapter from his English book “Post Hindu India” published in 2009. His publisher got the chapter translated into Telugu and published it as a booklet.

“There were national and international discussions on my book. If you have any problem with the book, you can file a case against me. Court will decide right and wrong. After the Telugu booklet was published people have started attacking me personally and via the media and are using violence.”

Ilaiah also issued controversial comments stating that BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) National leader Amit Shah is responsible for the furore in the state. He said he had no intention of having a debate with people who tear his books but he is willing to have a debate if the discussion took place in JNU Delhi under the Central Human Resource Department.

He reiterated that Amit Shah and Ambani have proclaimed themselves as Baniyas and demonetisation is the biggest social smuggling in the country. The Arya-Vysya community is the only community which does business with maximum interest of Rs 137 for Rs 100. At present the agitation is between letter and advertisement.

Ilaiah questioned as to why RSS stood by Vysya community and doesn’t see SCs, STs, BCs and soldiers as citizens of India?

Ilaiah  also thanked Telangana government and the police for coming to his rescue and providing him security.