Arguably religion divides people. And adding to the list, there has been a buzz around a new religion - digital religion. God based on the artificial intelligence, assuming that it will evolve beyond the point of intellectual humans and probably rise to a status that is god-like.

So, will you worship a digital god?

Not everyone is happy with this and joining the list is Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla and Boring Company. he has opposed the proposal of creating an artificial intelligence god that human could possibly worship.

It was in response to the VentureBeat article that suggests the possibility of an AI god emerging by 2042, which will write its own bible.

However, it says that this isn't just a possibility, but likely to happen as humans tend to obey someone more powerful than them. And, there have been reports suggesting that AI will be powerful than in all tasks in the next 45 years.