WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in India. It's often blamed for circulating false news and weird scams, and here's one more joining the list.

Reddit users u/yuexist has now reported that a link being shared through the WhatsApp messaging platform can now trick users into installing malware, according to The Next Web.

The link promises an update that will let you view WhatsApp in different colours. This isn't all. It will also ask you to share the link with others. It says that by sharing it, it will help verify your account. Further, users will be told that WhatsApp’s colours can only be used via a desktop. It will ask you to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store. However, this bogus extension will install malicious adware. Google is now said to have pulled out the extension. 

Once you share the link with others, they will also receive similar messages. It will read " I love the new colours for WhatsApp." It will also be accompanied by a URL.

The app that is available in 10 languages in India has been growing in its popularity. This growth has also led to it becoming one of the most preferred platforms for scammers. As much as you would love to see WhatsApp in different colours, refrain on being attracted to such messages without verifying the truth.

Recently, a computer security firm today revealed a flaw that could let hackers break into WhatsApp or Telegram messaging accounts using the very encryption intended to protect messages. The vulnerability made it possible for an attacker to booby-trap a digital image with malicious code that could spring into action after the picture is clicked on for viewing, according to Check Point. The malicious code could then hijack an account, and even spread itself like a virus by sending infected messages to those listed as contacts.